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Financial and cost accounting

Financial accounting is one of the basic and indispensable instruments of every company. Our core offering for business customers includes the management of financial and cost accounting. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, we can offer you an all-round carefree package and take care of your accounting. From now on, you can concentrate fully on your company and outsource time and cost-intensive accounting activities. We relieve you of the burden of financial and cost accounting and take over your accounts payable and accounts receivable. We advise and prepare your financial statements so that you have a clear and timely basis for your strategic business decisions.

Financial accounting

Financial accounting is of enormous relevance for all stakeholders, as it provides a comprehensive insight into the concrete financial status. Financial accounting is subject to various legal accounting regulations. Therefore, a transparent and comprehensive statement must be guaranteed. To meet these legal requirements, we take care of your financial accounting. Our accounting includes much more than the mere processing and administration of figures.

Internal cost accounting

In contrast, cost accounting does not primarily serve as an instrument for external bodies or shareholders, but rather as a means of documenting internal transactions. Various areas of cost accounting are very specific and require careful documentation. The following elements characterize cost accounting:

Cost types – what costs are incurred in a company?
Cost centers – where are the costs incurred in the company?
Cost units – what are the costs incurred in the company for?

A precise breakdown of the figures is important for pricing and product placement and provides crucial information for the company strategy. It is therefore important to precisely classify and allocate the individual costs within the framework of cost accounting. An expertise is indispensable in cost accounting. We, Tarantino Treuhand AG, have trained employees who can carry out up-to-date cost accounting.

Digitalization in accounting

The mega-trend of the 21st century is digitalization. In companies, digitalization affects accounting in particular. Through our network we provide you with qualitative and efficient software solutions. From now on, large parts of your bookkeeping and the entire accounting system will be automated. Thus we enable a cost-effective and efficient implementation of accounting. Data security is guaranteed.

Other accounting services

We also offer other accounting services. On the one hand, we take care of the creation of your individual liquidity planning to ensure the long-term solvency of your company. With our experience we make sure that all aspects are included in the planning. The liquidity plan offers you an advantage that should not be underestimated. You can identify negative trends in the future and prevent possible insolvency. Liquidity planning is the be-all and end-all when it comes to ensuring long-term solvency. We support you in this to the best of our ability.

We also support business customers in controlling. Controlling measures aim to provide decision-makers in the company with a solid data basis on which to make decisions. With our support, we make sure that you make your decisions based on the information available.

Other services of Tarantino Treuhand AG in the area of ​​accounting are:

Set up accounting
Accounting training
Preparation of interim financial statements
Preparation of budgets
Preparation of investment plans
Preparation of consolidated financial statements
Accounting reviews
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