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Inheritance and gift

Almost everyone comes into contact with the topic of inheritance at some point in their lives. Inheritance law is a highly sensitive and personal area, as it often involves the death of close relatives, acquaintances or friends. Due to the complexity of inheritance law and the many opinions on how to manage or distribute the estate, this topic is prone to disputes. Professional support is needed in various areas. Our personal and discreet advice is just the right thing for you if you have questions about inheritance, inheritance law, gifting or legacy.

Services related to inheritance

Our portfolio of inheritance services is just as diverse as the issues in inheritance law. We can support you with the following topics:

Advice on wills
Estate Planning
Advice on inheritance contracts
Rejecting an inheritance
Contesting a will
Answer questions about the order of succession
Examination of the inheritance
Examination of formal requirements for wills
Holding office as executors
Advice and preparation of lasting power of attorney
Advice on inheritance and gift taxes

The will in Switzerland

Almost all private individuals will eventually ask themselves whether they want to make a will. With advancing age questions inevitably arise about the last will and testament. We offer a wide range of services relating to wills and inheritance. First of all, we answer the question why you need a will and what the advantages of such a will are. The following reasons in particular speak in favour of a will:

Legally compliant regulation of the inheritance
Determination of your personal will
Eliminating ambiguities

However, we will not only work with you to determine whether a will is really necessary. The preparation of a will requires compliance with various formal requirements. There are two different ways to ensure that the will meets all requirements. Either you get support in the preparation of the will or you rely on a check by your specialist.

Compliance with mandatory regulations of inheritance law

As a private person, you are not completely free to determine the estate and the inheritance. Rather, there are legal regulations which stipulate, for example, that close relatives are in principle entitled to a so-called compulsory portion. These include your descendants, your partner or, if applicable, your parents. You can also determine who you want to bequeath your estate and how.

We can also advise you in the related areas such as:

Appointing heirs to the estate
Family Foundations
Advancements made
Mixed donations
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