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Succession planning

The regulation of succession for your company should be based on thorough considerations. Ultimately, such a decision will stand and fall for the sustainable success of the company. Almost every entrepreneur thinks about the regulation of his succession over the years. Frequently, one’s own company is the entire life’s work, which should be placed in trustworthy and capable hands. When it comes to the topic of succession arrangements, there are various questions that you want to have answered. In addition to the choice of a successor, comprehensive preparation, a proper handover and the answering of all related tax and social security issues are also required. Tarantino Treuhand AG is your competent partner in Switzerland.

The chronological sequence of the decision

In principle, the decision on the succession of a company can be understood as a process. From the very first considerations, we accompany you in the process arranging the succession. We systematically proceed as follows. At the beginning, your wishes and goals as an entrepreneur are of course taken into account. After all, it is thanks to you that your company exists and that you have to deal with the question of succession planning. Consequently, the wishes of the entrepreneur and the environment are the starting point for the process, which we roughly run through in the following steps:

Situation analysis with all relevant aspects
Deriving possible alternative courses of action
Examination of the succession plans for their possible implementation
Search for a suitable successor
Preparation and planning of the process
Initiation of restructuring measures
Implementation of all financial, tax and legal requirements
Involvement of an external coach for interfamily issues relating to psychological non-financial areas

Of course, we focus on individual implementation. Depending on the initial situation, company and industry, we develop an individual solution.

Tax advice on all aspects of company succession

Tax aspects are of great importance when it comes to regulating the succession of the company. In particular, legal heirs in the family could assert a claim to the company, which makes the succession planning more difficult. You should think about various issues at an early stage in order to consider all tax contingencies and enable a smooth succession. The following topics require special attention:

Opportunities for asset restructuring
Formation of an acquisition company
Liquidation of the company
Tax burden in case of transfer to non-direct descendants

Securing your personal future

Naturally, entrepreneurs want to maintain their standard of living after their time in the company and not have any financial worries. Consequently, the question arises as to how you can provide sufficient financial resources. After all, payments from the pension fund are usually not sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living. However, there are certainly ways in which you can optimize and maintain your private assets during your time as an entrepreneur or through succession planning. By involving specialists, you can be sure that the succession arrangement will work out in your favour.

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