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Tarantino Treuhand Zürich

Tax returns

Private individuals and business clients often have one thing in common – for many it is simply too complicated or time-consuming to fill out their own tax return. In addition, professional preparation offers the advantage of exploiting the entire tax saving potential. Both private and business clients will then benefit from greater financial freedom. Tarantino Treuhand AG is your specialist for the preparation of tax returns in Switzerland.

Tax returns for companies and business clients

After receiving the tax forms for the past fiscal year, you must complete and submit the tax declaration. Not every company has its own specialists or the appropriate skills. We handle the tax declarations of all companies in a legally secure and optimized manner. Finally, deficiencies in the tax return often have a negative impact on your tax burden. As a company, you benefit from the lowest possible tax burden and therefore greater financial resources for investments and everyday business. The following deficiencies have a negative impact on your tax burden or lead to non-compliance with tax obligations:

The exact calculation of tax-reducing amounts
Non-compliance with deadlines
Expiry of loss carryforwards to be offset
Careful submission of withholding tax forms

We support you actively to avoid possible mistakes. Tax returns are not a nuisance for us. They offer enormous potential to avoid a high tax burden and to reduce individual taxes.

Tax returns for private individuals

We also offer the preparation of tax returns for private individuals. All private persons with a tax residence or domicile in Switzerland are subject to taxation in this country.

A person is subject to the Swiss tax law, if the following conditions are met:

Working for at least 30 days in Switzerland
Period of stay of at least 90 days in Switzerland

There are two different types of taxation or tax liability:

Limited tax liability
Unlimited tax liability

When filing their annual tax return, private individuals have to take a number of factors into account. There are different types of tax in Switzerland and at different levels such as:

Municipal taxes
Cantonal taxes
Federal taxes

Tax legislation is therefore diverse. It is therefore advisable to take a professional look at your own tax return or to have it completely prepared by a professional provider. Tarantino Treuhand AG takes care of and prepares your tax return personally, reliably and professionally.

Special feature cross-border commuters

As cross-border commuters, natural persons are also subject to taxation in Switzerland. The lucrative salaries make it very attractive to work for Swiss companies and to live in a foreign country close to the border. In Switzerland, the so-called withholding tax is then due. The employer must deduct this tax from the salary and pay it directly to the tax authorities. As the tax and social security consequences in cross-border commuter constellations can be very complex, it is advisable to consult a trustee specialising in this area. We, Tarantino Treuhand AG, have a broad and international base and have the necessary expertise thanks to specialised partner companies. We are therefore the right partner for optimising taxes for cross-border commuters, as the preparation of tax returns and advice are part of our service.

Advantages of a professional tax return

A professional filing of the tax return offers several advantages. We help you to exploit your tax potential. Thanks to our network, you benefit from comprehensive advice and legally compliant preparation of your tax return. Our services naturally include checking all tax assessment notices for their correctness.

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